About me

Who is Martín Campos?

I am an engineer passionate about technology and the humanities. I appreciate a lot the continuous improvement and the spirituality. I love reading, I like the videogames and learn about topics in general.

My skills:

  • When I was student I learned to integrate, operate and manage computer systems, communications and telecommunications.
  • Due to my extracurricular education in the last 4 years, I got majored in Web Development as PHP Backend Developer.
  • Actually I am working as Software Developer, I am improving my blog and I am learning at Platzi.

Why contact me?

I am not freelance, the portfolio is for recruitment processes. I am not a mentor, although I have no problem answering questions about my path ;). Open to network, very formal and blog with frequent content.

Do I like wolves?

Not really, stepwolf is inspired by the novel Steppenwolf written by the swiss-german Hermann Hesse.